Anything but Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin

IMG_0199.JPG Hey, BookBirdz followers! Hope ya’ll are doing great and reading ‘lots! You might want to keep reading some more, because this next book review is ah-mazing, written by Jordan Fleming, age 12…
Anything but Typical is a heartfelt story about an autistic boy, named Jason, who loves to write stories. He uses a website called Storyboard, to post his stories where everyone can see what you post. One day, someone with a username as “PhoenixBird” writes him a message on one of the stories that he posted. She really loved Jason’s stories. Soon, Jason and PhoenixBird start emailing back and forth. It turns out, that PhoenixBird’s real name is Rebecca. Jason feels that Rebecca is his only friend, considering that all of the kids at school make fun of him. While Jason is writing a story, his parents come in and surprise him with two tickets to the annual storyboard convention in Dallas, Texas. Jason is ecstatic at first, but when he gets an email from Rebecca saying that she is going to the storyboard convention also, he doesn’t want to go anymore. He is afraid that Rebecca will see Jason and realize that he is autistic, and not like him for who he is…


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