The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm by Nancy Farmer

IMG_0339It’s a fantastical adventure, traveled by three wanderlust-craving kids with a strict, militant general father. Tendai, Rita, and Kuda sneak out of their heavily armed house one morning in Zimbabwe, onto the streets, and are quickly kidnapped. After ending up in the toxic wasteland ruled by an insane dictatorial woman, their parents hire the Ear, the Eye, and the Arm, three exceptionally talented detectives with unusual powers. The three men join a wild goose chase around Africa to return the children home safely. This novel is like no other I’ve ever read, using the future and the past to create an extraordinary story.



The Ghost by Nicholas Edwards

dog-whisperer-ghost-nicholas-edwards-paperback-cover-artIf you have been anticipating a review on a spookier and more mysterious book, well, here it is (que dramatic background music). Published in 2012, The Ghost is a captivating book that keeps your heart thudding, but your hands grasping this 220 pager. Meet Emily, an adopted biracial girl who has a peculiar relationship with her large white lab, Zack. Interestingly enough, they have adapted to reading each other’s minds- when Zack is hungry, Emily (a vegetarian) finds herself craving raw meat! Suddenly, an event occurs that leaves Emily wondering if the connection between them is more than longing for steak, and powerful enough to materialize eerie childhood fantasies; like ghosts. No need to fret, it is not a spine-chilling horror story, but does produce quite a surprising, beautiful ending that leaves you thoughtful and hungry for more.