The Giver by Lois Lowry


51frar1pval-_sx300_bo1204203200_The Giver by Lois Lowry is unlike any piece I’ve read before. Jonas is a boy living in a unique community. It appears to be utopia until he learns its secrets. When children in the community turn twelve, they enter adulthood. Then, they receive an assignment that they will upkeep until they enter the “House of the Old”. Jonas is given the rarest assignment of all. With this assignment, he then learns about the pain of the outside world, and some of the things that are happening in the community that no one knows about. When he discovers that Gabriel, an infant who has been living with his family, is doomed because he doesn’t fit into the utopian community, Jonas decides to leave the community and take Gabriel with him. This is a very good, classic book that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.

~ Asha M., age 14


The Watchers {Rewind} by Peter Lerangis

         9781453248218_p0_v1_s260x420Four years ago in the life of Adam his best friend died. Over the years, he has held the guilt, blaming himself mercilessly for the death he wishes he could magically erase from his mind. It took a cracked, broken video camera to discover that it may have not been his fault, and that he might be able to alter the past to bring Edgar back. Trotting along the lake of the accident one day, Adam trips upon an abandoned black backpack. Inside, he finds the video camera. Peering into the lens, the past swarms before Adam’s eyes in a perfect replica. The date was set to two days before the death of Edgar. This is no coincidence, and it’s up to Adam to brave the past to save his best friend. This book was surprisingly captivating with time travel, while appropriately light-hearted enough for the younger generation to devour. 

The Ghost by Nicholas Edwards

dog-whisperer-ghost-nicholas-edwards-paperback-cover-artIf you have been anticipating a review on a spookier and more mysterious book, well, here it is (que dramatic background music). Published in 2012, The Ghost is a captivating book that keeps your heart thudding, but your hands grasping this 220 pager. Meet Emily, an adopted biracial girl who has a peculiar relationship with her large white lab, Zack. Interestingly enough, they have adapted to reading each other’s minds- when Zack is hungry, Emily (a vegetarian) finds herself craving raw meat! Suddenly, an event occurs that leaves Emily wondering if the connection between them is more than longing for steak, and powerful enough to materialize eerie childhood fantasies; like ghosts. No need to fret, it is not a spine-chilling horror story, but does produce quite a surprising, beautiful ending that leaves you thoughtful and hungry for more.