Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret

SIMG_0203unny Skyland knows and remembers very little about her biological family history. She has been a sister, a niece, and simply a foster child ever since her mother passed away when she was a toddler. However; she does recall one strong fragment with a mnemonically powerful sense…she has a twin sister. Starr and Sunny were tragically separated when the time came for the two orphans to be adopted, and Sunny is determined to reconnect. She runs away from her current foster home on a courageous (and dangerous) journey, braving dramatic obstacles like a tornado, bullies, and lonely dogs begging for a home. At last, Sunny and Starr reunite, and all should be perfect, right? Alas, just because you’re siblings doesn’t mean you’ll automatically love someone after being separated by almost a decade; and Sunny finds that out the tough way.


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