Crystal Keepers (Five Kingdoms) by Brandon Mull

Guest Book Review

downloadCrystal Keepers is an exciting, action packed book that reels you in entirely. Cole Randolph is an 11-year-old boy, who is trapped in the outskirts; a parallel universe of sorts. He, and his companions, travel to Zeropolis, the third kingdom of the five. Here he is looking for Constance, one of the lost princesses. And his enslaved friends. He’s running as an fugitive, and goes undercover. In this technologically advanced city, he faces many challenges. It was fun and exciting, it constantly keeps you engaged. Read this book!

~ Abigail B., age 16


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

fangirlCather’s twin has been her lifelong best friend. Her supposedly permanent roommate. Her fanfiction editorial team. Fanfiction is Cather’s passion. It is where she and thousands of others share their guesses on what their favorite characters will do in the next book of their favorite series. When Cather and Wren go to college, Cather assumes her life is not going to flip upside down and tumble down hills and nearly crash, but it does. Wren doesn’t want to be roommates anymore. She wants to be an individual, not a twin. When Cather’s safety bubble disappears, it’s up to her to find her spot in the college world, without her beloved sister.

*I recommend this book for ages 12 & up. It’s a fantastic novel, but contains some older content. Have a great day, BookBirdz readers! If you have any other book suggestions, I am happy to hear them! Email me at