Life of Pi by Yann Martel

life-of-pi-book-coverSuspense is an eight letter word. It’s definition is a feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen. Throughout this book, suspense danced along each word, creating a dramatic and beautiful story. Pi is a sixteen-year-old boy whose father owns an exotic zoo in India, home to a certain Royal Bengal tiger titled (somewhat fittingly), Richard Parker. Alas, it is all about to change for Pi and Richard Parker. On their move to America across the great blue Pacific, their cargo ship carrying hundreds of animals, a crew, and Pi’s family, capsizes traumatically. Clinging for life on a 26 foot lifeboat, Pi manages to survive the tragic sinking of the boat, but loses his family in less than 20 minutes. Heart-thumping and simultaneously antagonizing, endeavor to survive with Pi as he drifts across sea in hope of rescue, in company with a giant carnivorous tiger. Yann Martel is viciously descriptive, his imagery will feed and energize the readers as they travel with Pi.