Yours Truly, Lucy B. Parker-Girl vs. Superstar by Robin Palmer

yours-truly-lucy-b-parker-girl-vs-superstar-robin-palmer-hardcover-cover-artAlright, girls!  Here is a book for the girlish of them all. Introducing the colorful, socially awkward Lucy B. Parker.  During this hilarious 213 paged novel, Lucy goes through, basically, all of the emotional moments a tween girl could possibly experience. When reading this, expect some friendship drama, serious hair issues, and most importantly, a famous superstar, that turns out to be Lucy’s nemesis. Lucy B. Parker rides an amusing roller coaster of tears, clothes, and surprising parents throughout a feminine book. I suggest this fun novel to all girls 11 and up, in hopes that they can relate or learn the ups and downs of being a regular tween girl.


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