Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan

    Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan is a superb fiction novel. It contains all the components a 194 paged book needs. Love, pain, loneliness, learning, and hope. Picture this: A simple, kind 13-year-old girl living in Africa with her missionary parents. She speaks fluid Swahili, runs free with the tribal children, and helps at her father’s small hospital. Her name is Rachel, and her life in Africa is very pleasant, exotic, and wild. Unexpectedly, a tragedy occurs, and Rachel is orphaned. Sadly, then Rachel is forced to travel to England, leaving her beloved Africa and all her memories behind, along with the graves of her parents. Her journey along the way leads to a confession, adoption, and an education that might be Rachel’s ticket to return to Africa. I hope this review has created an impression or inspiration to read this wonderful book! Thanks for swooping in to check out the FIRST BookBirdz review 🙂 – Tori  


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