Paper Towns by John Green

Have you ever read The Fault in Our Stars? Or how about Looking for Alaska? Then perhaps you might enjoy Paper Towns, yet another fantastic novel by John Green. Angelica C., age 14, reviews it below!

51hgkNew+XL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Paper Towns is a 336 paged book written by an amazing author, John Green. First off, everybody has had a miracle, and Quentin’s miracle was Margo Roth Spiegelman, his next-door neighbor. When Quentin and Margo were kids, they would play together, and go biking. By high school, though, Quentin and Margo weren’t friends at all, in fact, they were strangers. Margo hung out with the “cool people” and Quentin with his two band friends. One day, surprisingly, Margo showed up to Quentin’s window late at night. Next thing you know, they went on a late night adventure together. But then, Margo disappeared. She stopped coming to school, and was nowhere to be found. When she left, she left clues for Quentin to follow. He was so in love with Margo, that he was determined to find her. Margo did love mysteries, but maybe she loved them so much, that she had become one herself…


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