Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed

writteninthestarspicWhen I was drooling over the galore of books in Barnes & Noble recently, Written in the Stars by Aisha Saeed stood out. I snatched it hungrily off the shelf (What? It’s a book store, my natural habitat) and was immediately impressed by its description… and reviews. Therefore, after reading it, I thought it was only appropriate to share my opinion with you book-lovin’ fans. Enjoy!

Naila is a young, Pakistani girl, whose beloved home rests in America. She is free teenager… for the most part. She can choose her image, her beliefs, etc., but not her husband. Such a minor topic it appeared to be, until she fell in love with Saif, her first true boyfriend. When the truth is revealed, Naila’s secret is torn mercilessly in half. Her parents, in a panic, suggest a short “vacation” to Pakistan, to refresh and replenish their minds. Suspicious, but agreeable, Naila and her family fly away on a two-week trip to their home country. But no! It’s a trick. Two-weeks grows into months, and months grow into years. Naila, devastated, was forced into marriage, unable to attend her first year of college, and taken away from the boy she loved most. Deeply saddened, Naila’s life had grown everything she feared it would be… until Saif arrives. Her incredible, realistic-fiction story will squeeze your heart and cost you tissues. I applaud you, Aisha Saeed!


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