Blue Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/5c6/59225917/files/2014/12/img_0430-0.jpg Happy Holidays, BookBirdz followers! I hope you all had a wonderful year. Although Christmas passed a few days ago, I’d like to write the last book review of 2014 on one of my favorite holiday novels, Blue Christmas. Weezie Foley, a Southern antique shop owner, was waiting for a spark of inspiration to hit her. Her town’s annual small-business Christmas decorating contest was only days away, and she wanted her decor to be blue-ribbon worthy. However, Weezie’s challenge was heightened when some of her antiques went missing… or were they just being “borrowed” by a mysterious visitor? Out of that entire mess, her decorating idea emerged… a Blue Christmas, just like the song sung by Elvis (the King) himself. Weezie’s decorations turned out to be beautiful, but her crazy holiday season wasn’t over yet. Between a boyfriend who just couldn’t get in the Christmas spirit, and a family Christmas dinner that proved disastrous, Weezie’s holiday was one she’ll never forget.

*I recommend this book to kids thirteen and up, for it contains a bit of inappropriate language and mild romance


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