Story Thieves by James Riley

Hi readers! The next book review I have here was written by Analani B., age 14. Her review made me curiously interested in the novel she discusses!

download (1)Imagine being able to go into any book you wanted, at any time you wanted. That is exactly what a girl, who goes by Bethany, has been able to do ever since she was born. An ordinary, average boy, named Owen, found that out when Bethany came out of a book right in front of him. After Owen discovered Bethany’s big secret, his boring life came to an end. Bethany tried to find a way to keep his mouth shut, and the only way that could happen was to take Owen into his favorite book. Owen was planning on changing the story and that was the end of Bethany’s safe life. What would you do if you had the chance to go into any book you wanted? Think about that while reading this book, Story Thieves written by James Riley. I recommend this book to all ages and mystery lovers. Have fun reading a book about someone going into books.


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