Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

How’s it going, BookBirdies? Juliana T., age 13, is the writer of the next book review. She reads quite a lot, and has me excited to read the following novel!

download (4)Outliers is a non-fictional novel about past success stories around the world. Its 285 pages are packed with stories on how people have become successful. It writes of when the successors were born, where they were born and how their ethnicity has had an effect on their prosperity. Author Malcolm Gladwell gives you visuals and exercises to further your understanding. In one particular example, he explains how coaches of sports pick members based on their age. If you were born in the beginning of the year, you were guaranteed a place on the team. Outliers doesn’t tell you “how to be successful,” it brings attention to things that others would never have thought made people successful. This book helps you look at the idea of “success” from a different perspective of normal statistics. It has helped me to view success as pure luck, not just hard work. I recommend this book for teens to adults because it isn’t an easy read, you need motivation to finish it.


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