The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

Hi BookBirdz viewers! I am happy to post another guest book review, written by Leleaka A., age 14. She reads quite a lot, and is sharing a superb review today…

The_Secret_Life_of_BeesIt is 1964 in Sylvan, South Carolina and Lily Melissa Owens lives a life filled with neglect and guilt. With horrific memories of the past, the 14-year-old white farm girl always thought poorly of herself. Living without the love and support from her mother, Lily is left to obey her abusive and what seems to be, heartless father. She yearns to learn more about her deceased mother and decides to break free from her chains and run away from her prison of a home, bringing along her housemaid, Rosaleen. On their journey they stumble across a colored womans’ home; the Boatwright sisters which is also a home to millions of honeybees. There, relationships are made that will have a great impact upon each of their lives. In this heartwarming story, you along with Lily will discover the true meaning of love and how the Secret Life of Bees is not that much different from your own life. This book is completely inspiring- it hits a special place in my heart as it is wittily written. I recommend this uplifting book (312 pages) for females, ages 12 and above.


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