Sycamore Row by John Grisham

Hello! Here I have an excellent book review, written by Jessica M., age 14…

downloadSycamore Row is a novel about Seth Hubbard. Seth was a man in his 70’s who had lung cancer. He decided he didn’t want to pass away from such a painful fate, so he hung himself. This book tells the tale of the war over his two wills (one he wrote twenty years prior and one he wrote days before passing) and the trial that follows shortly after. In his first will he left his belongings equally to his family and was written professionally. In his recent one, he left 90% of his money to his black housekeeper, Lettie Lang (this book is set in the 80’s in Mississippi) and the rest to his lost, perceived to be dead, brother, and to the church. He specifically wrote to leave out his family. The main characters are his requested attorney, Jake Brigance, Lettie, Judge Atlee, and the opposing lawyers. It is for older audiences because of the content dealing with court, the KKK, etc. It’s very interesting if you like mysteries. I would recommend this book.


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