Life of Pi by Yann Martel


The following is a great, detailed review formulated by Sage I., age 14. 

life-of-pi-book-coverLife of Pi is written by Yann Martel. The story is based on an Indian family that lives and runs a zoo in Pondicherry India. They decide to move and start a new life in Canada. Unexpectedly, their ship with lots of animals and the whole family is struck in a storm, and capsized. Only the boy, Pi, survives in a lifeboat, and saves a tiger. They are trapped in the boat together, and the boy begins to train the tiger. As the days go on, Pi starts to suffer and feel regretful and grieved. He takes his families death upon his shoulders. If you are a fan of adventure books, then Life of Pi is for you. There are a total of 352 pages and they’re all action packed. I think this book is appropriate for ages 14 and up. 








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