Watership Down by Richard Adams

The last book review of the day, composed by Hana B., age 14, is a splendid piece. I’m already excited to read this classic novel, and perhaps you’ll be, too!

517I2RO8x+LFiver has a vision of something bad happening at the Sandleford Warren!  He tells Hazel and they plan to leave. Unfortunately, other rabbits find out and they want to come with them! Although, some of them do find what they are doing unreasonable, and refuse to believe Fiver. Nevertheless, they leave Sandleford and go on an amazing journey to find a new place to start a new warren.  The journey is risky for the rabbits, with predators and new encounters. They come upon things they have never seen or heard of before. Other rabbits from their old warren join their expedition along the way. I found “Watership Down” a wonderful book, it touches your emotions and takes you on the journey of these amazing rabbits. The book is a great read and a wonderful adventure story.


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