A Good Man Is Hard To Find by Flannery O’Connor


Here is yet another great guest book review, written by Lilio M., age 14. Her review offers many convincing details!

51sg1OywHpL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_“A Good Man Is Hard To Find”, written by Flannery O’Connor, is a very funny, surprising short story. It’s about a family who decides to go on their usual vacation to Florida, but their grandmother warns them that there is a misfit on the loose there, so she does not want to go. They do not take her seriously, and tell her they will go to Florida with or without her. On the trip, they stop at a restaurant to eat, and come across a nice man. As they leave and get back on the road, the grandmother (who ended up coming along) notices a recognizable road from when she was younger. She lies to the family about what is down that road, persuading them to take the couple minutes to sidetrack. As they are riding down, she realizes it isn’t the same road that she was picturing… what will they do? This short story is great for people that like a bit of a crazy, unpredictable story. Reading this actually left me laughing, and yet very confused at the same time. I think this book is best for readers 13 and up. The tale consists of only about 30 pages, but Flannery O’Connor includes many other exciting short spiels, making the entire book about 300 pages. If you love reading quick, heart beating stories, this is definitely the book to read. 


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