The Christy Miller Collection, Volume 1 by Robin Jones Gunn

Hello there! I am very happy to post another guest book review, composed by Angelina L., age 14. She is an avid reader who is excited to share her opinion on the following book…

chsitymillercollectionVolume 1 in The Christy Miller Collection is written by Robin Jones Gunn. It holds three books about Christy Miller, a teen girl whose family lives on a Wisconsin farm, then moves to Escondido, CA, an hour and a half away from her wealthy aunt and uncle. Christy has an old fashioned mother, an unreasonable dad, and a irritating little brother. Once or twice a year, she spends time with her aunt and uncle in Newport Beach, California. There she meets Todd Spencer, an easygoing surfer and a Christian, who becomes a romantic interest. While still being involved in all the girly drama, she meets many new friends and faced with many problems like bad influential friends, almost getting arrested, and also being in love with two guys. I love this book and think that it would best fit for readers ages thirteen and up. It has 495 pages and exposes the reader to examples of drugs, alcohol and intense drama. I think this is an amazing book and is very relatable for teens!


2 thoughts on “The Christy Miller Collection, Volume 1 by Robin Jones Gunn

  1. Wow! This is an intriguing summary and makes me want to pick up the book today! I definitely will look into this book, thank you for the great review!

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