Night by Elie Wiesel

Hi BookBirdz followers! Presenting a guest book review written by Brooke K., age 13. She reviews Night, a book that definitely sounds like one to try out.

downloadNight by Elie Wiesel tells a story of a 14-year old-boy named Eliezer Wiesel living in Sighet, Transylvania when World War II began. Eliezer’s family and other Jewish members fail to flee the country when they had a chance, so as a result, they all are put in a concentration camp called Auschwitz. He is separated from his younger sister and mother, but remains with his father. While reading this book, I learned about the trials Eliezer and his family went through and experiences that had happened during the war. Night has 116 pages filled with interesting detail and is written for ages 13 and up.


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