Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

Jacqueline Woypl_woodson_Brown_Girl_Dreamingodson grew up in a world where the color of your skin mattered more than anything else. She watched as her country divided themselves, and prejudice roamed the dangerous streets. She listened as Martin Luther King Jr. spoke, pleading for freedom, and as Malcolm X thundered for civil justice. This poetic novel is raw, and will deeply move you as Jacqueline reminiscences her childhood. It is one of the rare books I have read that tells the past the way it is. Growing up as an African-American girl in the 1960’s was undoubtedly onerous, and Brown Girl Dreaming tells that truth.

*This was BookBirdz’s 50th post. It has been an amazing, sharing my love of reading with the world. Thank you to all who have provided unwavering support, as I learned how to fly around the world of book review blogging.


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