The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

IMG_0486 Liesel Meminger is desperately cold, hungry, and heartbroken. It is 1939, and the Nazis are plotting to take over the world. Her brother has died in her arms, and now she has become a foster child, a girl given up by her mother. Despite her new life, where she is unfamiliar and terribly sad, Liesel holds on to one book, which she stole from the snow near her brother’s grave. And it is through books, that she falls deeply in love, that is, with words. With words, Liesel reconstructs her life, devoting herself to her foster father, who patiently teaches her how to read and survive, in the perilous times to come in that era. Alas, the danger is heightened when a Jewish man is hidden in their basement, and the bombs are on their way. Liesel, the book thief and lover of words, faces a whole new challenge… war.


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