The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth


Imagine your ideal book series, one that you have always dreamed of. For me, the perfect read is full of adventure, emotions, and of course, some light romance. The Divergent novels are my dream books. Join Beatrice, who lives in city divided by five charismatic factions, her own being Dauntless. She continually struggles to find the balance between bravery, selflessness and maybe a bit of idiocy. Violence, uprisings, and young love are intertwined throughout Beatrice’s life in the Divergent series. Some parts may cause tears to  well up in your eyes, and others may make you smile uncontrollably, as “Tris” fights for peace and freedom throughout her city. Warning to recommended ages 12 and up; each 500 page novel (approximately) might prompt you to purchase the next book immediately after devouring every word. The main tragedy strikes when the reader discovers there is no fourth book to feast on following the Divergent trilogy.


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